Leggy American Model in the ACT [chic n slutty]

Posted: Feb 28 12:03:45 2023


Why hello there, stranger! What a pleasure it is to meet you. They call me Caris, and they say I'm the tallest glass of daydreaming in Canberra. 
Let me take your hand, and we can slip into each other's fantasies; perhaps take in a show -- an opera dressed to the nines or cartoons in our pj's -- before retiring to revel in a private spectacular, scandalous and sensual, culminating in sweet, glorious fireworks. Whether you are seeking a soothing reprieve or a sensational adventure, we can embark on the escape of your dreams.
Rumours have it, I'm sweet till I'm sassy, sophisticated except when I'm silly, sensible until I'm carried off in whimsy. I parse phrases in poetry and Python, an artist and a nerd bundled in a timeless figure, seasoned with a decade of international travel, and eagerly awaiting an escapade with you. What magic might unfold when two acquaintances meet and their personalities and desires unravel and entwine?
A tall pour of wild elegance: the poise of a trained ballet dancer, long drawn limbs, storybook curves, a deep sincerity in the eye, and an untamable smile all eager to melt under your gaze, in your arms, together between the sheets. Whether you're a steadfast globetrotter or dedicated hometown hero, let's get lost in a whirlwind romance, catch a breath between the hustle and bustle of the day to day, only to skip heartbeats and soak in each other's fantasies... I'll divulge mine if you divulge yours.
$550/1 hr
Gender: Female
Height: 5' 11" / 180cm
Hair: Short Brunette
Eyes: Brown
Bust: D cup
Dress: Size 8


Location: Canberra, ACT

Age: 30

Phone: 0448 303 412