soft toned silky skin you'll really feel that velvet skin

Posted: Oct 14 10:02:53 2021


 Seductive eye shadow, young face I got that dark seductive look - you know the one where women give you that sexual means the woman wants more it's a little tip
22 years of age with soft toned silky skin y
 My breast size is 34 DD so they do bounce around nicely with pink luscious innocent nipples 
A bit about how I service men: My beauty is equally matched with a down-to-earth personality, as well as my playful charm and charisma. Wherever I go, heads turn in amazement. However, I will ALWAYS remain respectful and discreet, as I expect the same from you. I will show you the true meaning of the phrases "undivided attention" & "extraordinary experience." When we finally meet, you will be greeted by a warm smile and an enchanting view. I'm always dressed to impress and I am very classy and well-composed.
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Gender: Female
Height: -


Location: Cairns, QLD

Age: 22

Phone: 0451 891 778